Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Velimir Velev, PhD



Actor, Director, Scenographer and Pedagogue

Film actor

Film actor, known for his work on  The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017), The Expendables 2 (2012) and Conan the Barbarian (2011). See full bio on IMDB.

Student of the great pedagogue and director Julia Ogjyanova.

Professor in NATFA

Professor in National Academy for Theatre and Film Art “Krastyo Sarafov” – Sofia in the disciplines of Actig, Phisical Theatre Actig, Improvising, , Stage Movement, Mask’s Theatre, Theatre of a Clown, Improvisation Techniques (Comedy del’Arte), Movement Anthropology, Stage combat and Rhythmics for Stage Acting, Interactive Puppet Theatre.

Author of

  • the " Natyurmort-Body Contact" method of stage-movement improvisation;
  • the "The Metа Method” – a new system of acting training;
  • the "Theory of digital interactive spectacle of the future";

Creator of the “Non-Physical Theatre genre”;

Founder of:

  • VIA–Virtual InterActive Theatre – Sofia (Founder and Director);
  • KKK (Kreativno Kazaliste Karlovac) – Karlovac, Croatia;
  • The Unseen Theatre – Sofia (Founder and Director). A project considered a “world cultural phenomenon” – the first in the human history theatre of blind actors, creating visual scenic arts (Theatre of the shadow, Puppet theatre, Impression theatre, Black-box theatre).

Guest Professor in:

- University “J.J.Strossmayer”, Department for Theater Art, Chair of Acting for Drama and Puppet Art, OSIJEK, Croatia

- Academy of Arts, Fakultet dramskih umjetnosti, CETINJA, Montenegro;

Further work:

Staatstheater Darmstadt – Drama Opera Ballet, Darmstadt, Germany

Plovdiv University "P. Hilendarski" - Head of “Drama Theater Acting” Graduate Class 2012-2016

BAS - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Researcher in IMI (Instiut of Mathematics and Informatics), Section "Digitization of Cultural Heritage"

College of Theater „L. Groys“ - Sofia

American College of Sofia

Author, director, choreographer and stenographer of more than 60 plays. Works or has worked with directors such as Julia Ognyanova, Robert Raponja, Zlatkko Sviben, Ivan Dobchev, Krassimir Spasov, Teddy Moskov, Plamen Markov, Stefan Danailov, Atanas Atanasov, etc.;

Because of his author's theatrical methodology and his unconventional approach as a teacher in Montenegro and Croatia, he received a Golden Hexagram for outstanding contribution to local culture and art, and was awarded the title "Vrhunski Umjetnik" (Top Artist) at the Academy of Arts in Osijek.

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Actors;

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists;

His craving for self-improvement has led him to China, India, Italy and the USA, where he studied different martial and theatrical movement techniques.


Curriculum Vitae DETAILS

Director, actor, scenographer

Theater pedagogue

Multidisciplinary specialist in drama, physical, dance, pantomime, masks, puppet, digital interactive theater.


Creator of the "Theory of digital interactive spectacle of the future"

Author of the theatrical method of stage-movement improvisation " Natyurmort-Body Contact".


Founder and Director of VIA-Virtual InterActive Theatre– Sofia

Founder and Director of The Unseen Theatre (The first world visual shadow and puppet theatre of blind actors)


Member of the Union of Bulgarian Actors

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists


Professor of Stage Movement, Improvisation, Theatre of Masks, Clownade, Commedia dell'Arte, Stage Fighting, Anthropology of the Movement, Interactive Puppet Theater and Rhythmics at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastio Sarafov” - Sofia


Further work

  • Plovdiv University "P. Hilendarski" - Head of "Acting for Theatre" class of 2016

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Researcher in IMI (Instiut of Mathematics and Informatics), Section "Digitization of Cultural Heritage"

  • University “J.J.Strossmayer”, Department for Theater Art, Chair of Acting for Drama and Puppet Art, OSIJRK, Croatia,

  • Academy of Arts, Department of Drama, CETINJA, Montenegro

  • College of Theater „L. Groys“ - Sofia

  • American College of Sofia



1. Personal details


1. 1. Education:


PhD - Doctoral Thesis "Interactive Improvisation (in ICT) and Puppet Theatre of the Future"


1. 2. Academic rank and degree

Assoc. Prof., PhD (in Stage Movement, Improvisation, Theatre of Masks, Clownade, Commedia dell'Arte, Stage Fighting, Anthropology of the Movement, Interactive Puppet Theater and Rhythmics at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastio Sarafov”, Sofia - since 1996)



2.Creative activity



Roles In the Cinema

  • Wild Zombie, DAY OF THE DEAD: Bloodline, (with Sophie Skelton,  Johnathon Schaech,  Jeff Gum), Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens, Writer: Mark Tonderai,  Lars Jacobson,
USA (2018)

  • Preacher MurdererTHE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD (with  Ryan Reynolds,  Samuel L. Jackson,  Gary Oldman), Director: Patrick Hughes, Writer: Tom O'Connor ,
USA (2017)

  • Feral, SECURITY, (with Antonio Banderas and Sir Ben Kingsley), Director: Alain Desrochers, Writer Tony Mosher,  John Sullivan,
USA (2017)

  • Milco Leviev, SILENT MOVIE (LIFE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS), Director: Andrey Chertov, Writer: Andrey Chertov, Ars Digital, Bulgaria 2016

  • Cellmate in WIKING QUEST, Director: Todor Chapkynov, Writer: Daniel Winters, Odissey, CANADA, (2015)

  • Scitzo in Stonehearst Asylum(ELISA GRAVES), Director: Brad Anderson, Writers: Joe Gangemi (screenplay), Edgar Allan Poe (based on a short story by), UK 2014

  • Bald Patient (Miche)в ASYLUM, Director: Todor Chapkanov, Writers: Chris Mancini, Tex Wall, Аfter dark, USA, (2014)

  • Hermit, „300-2“, реж. Noam Muro, продуцент Zach Snider, New Image, USA, 2012

  • Miner, THE EXPENDABLES 2 - Director: Simon West Writers: Richard Wenk (screenplay), Silvester Stallone (screenplay), New Image, USA, 2012

  • Julius-Clerk, in CONAN THE BARBARIAN (2011) – Director: Marcus Nispel, Writers: Thomas Dean DonnellyJoshua Oppenheimer New Image, USA, 2011

  • HirelingGLASS HOME (TV Series), BULGARIA, 2010

  • Bald Assassinin THE TOURNAMENT, Director: Scott Mann, Writers: Gary YoungJonathan Frank, producers: Kate Bell, David Higginson, , BUZZ Films, UK 2008

  • ManagerUNTIL DEATH (2007), Director: Simon Fellows

  • Writers: Dan HarrisJames Portolese, New Image, USA, 2007

  • Clocky в War Inc, director Joshua Seftel, Writers: Mark Leyner, Jeremy Pikser, John Cusack, New Image, USA, 2006

  • Menager Ice in Contractordirector Joseph Rusnak, Jean-Claude Van Damme, New Image, USA, 2005

  • L’je Anvar in TURETSKIY GAMBIT aka "The Turkish Gambit", producer Nikita Mihalkov, Director: Dzhanik Fayziev, Writers: Boris Akunin (novel), Boris Akunin(screenplay) Russia (2005)

  • Jackibot in The man with the screaming brain-- producer Bob Perkis, director Bruce Campbell, SEVEN HILLS, USA (2004)

  • The Greek Revolutioner in The Last Emperor on the Balkans, France (2004)

  • Abdullah in Chechnya – Pasquino Group, director Leonardo Giuliano, Italy (2002)

  • Alien in ALIEN HUNTER– Director: Ron Krauss

  • Writers: J.S. Cardone (story), Boaz Davidson (story), New Image, USA (2003);

  • SK Man (Zondercomando) in THE GRAY ZONE – Director: Tim Blake NelsonWriters: Miklos Nyiszli (based in part on "Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account") (as Dr. Miklos Nyiszli), Tim Blake Nelson, New Image, USA (2001);

  • The Spider in SPIDERS II: Breeding Ground – Director: Sam Firstenberg, Writers: Stephen David Brooks (screenplay) (as Stephen Brooks), Boaz Davidson (story), producer David Varrot, Tibor Takachi, New Image, USA (2001)

  • Yak-40 Pilot, MINDSTORm, Director: Mitchell Cox, Writers: Phillip J. Roth (story) (as Phillip Roth), Terri Neish (screenplay), New Image, USA (2001);

  • Male Day TerroristOCTOPUS (Video), Director: John Eyres, Writers: Boaz Davidson (story), Michael D. Weiss (screenplay)

  • Vendor Van in Red Dragon – producer David Varrot, director John Ire, Arnold Schwarzenegger, New Image, USA (1998);

  • Omar the gypsy in Plyontek – producer Boiana Film, dir. Borislav Sharaliev, Bulgaria (1991);

  • Also in Year of the Pig, dir. Sergio Pacelli , Italy, Vercengetorix, France etc.

Roles In the Theatre

  • Odyssey in “Travels Odyssey, directed by T. Moskov, Theater of Bulgarian Army (2008)

  • Joseph K in "The Lawsuit" after Fr. Kafka, adaptation and directing by I. Ognianova (1993).

  • The White Clown in "Fantastic Tales" after E.T.A. Hoffmann, directed by St. Moskov (1992);

  • Jesus Christ in "Biblical Story", script and directing by A. Taneva, Sirius Theater (1991);

  • The Thief in "Who Whom" by L. Capon; director F. Hadjinikolova (1990);

  • Maugli in "Maugli" after R. Kipling, director A. Hong, pantomime play (1989);

  • Naked King in "The Naked King" by E. Schwartz, director D. Stoianov (1989);

  • The prince in "Cinderella", director B. Lungov; puppet diploma play (1988);



• «The Prompter of the Fear", Matthew Vishniek, PU, Plovdiv (2016)

• «Bedroom Farce», Alan Ayckbourn, PU, Plovdiv (2015)

• "Beautiful" copyright spectacle, UDNZ “Louis Braillе” - Sofia, Bulgaria (2014)

• "Meeting in the cloud," copyright spectacle, Unseen Theatre - Sofia, Bulgaria (2013)

  • «Penitence» - a play conceived and staged by Velimir Velev, «N. Binev» Youth’s Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria (2011),

  • «The Shadow of my Soul» - by V. Velev, theater of shadows – the first-in-the-world play of shadows performed by blind actors, UNSEEN Theater – Sofia, «Vidra» Theater - Zagreb, Croatia, Promenada Theater – Karlovac, Croatia, «N. Binev» Youth Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria (2010)

  • "Colours of Darkness" – by V. Velev, interactive play set in darkness and involving the senses, Youth Theater “Nikolai Binev”; On the occasion of 200-th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille (2009),

  • „Thirst” – a play conceived and staged by Velimir Velev, Youth Theater (2008)

Theater hall at the Ministry of Culture, 13.04.2009,

  • “The Nobleman and Nodet”, French medieval farce, diploma play class ACT – extramural studies (under Prof. D. Ruskova as artistic supervisor), (Academic Puppet Theater, NATFA, 2003);

  • "The Jumping Princess" after Dvorski, by V. Velev and A. Slavova, directed in a team with B. Georgieva; puppet play;

    • Two acting awards and a best scenography award by PIF2000, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia (Academic Puppet Theater - APT, NATFA, 2000).

  • "Just like this", a play of puppet-acted fairy-tales, in a team with Encho Danailov and Boriana Georgieva (APT, NATFA, 1999);

  • "More like this", a play of puppet-acted fairy-tales, in a team with Encho Danailov and Boriana Georgieva (APT, NATFA, 1999);

  • "A Maid and a Dragon" after a Bulgarian fairy-tale, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1996)

  • "Cry", author’s play after folklore motives; script, directing, scenography and costumes: V. Velev (Academic Drama Theater, NATFA, 1993);

  • „The three brothers and the dragon” after Iordan Radichkov, (Liberal Stage, 1990);

  • "Police Fairy-tale" after K. Čapek, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1989);

  • Mr. Puntila and his Man Matti, B. Brecht, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1988)

  • „Verbliud”, after Iordan Radichkov, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1988)


Choreography and Directing of Stage movement


  • Angry", Philip Ridley, translation by Sava Draguntchev, directed by S. Draguntchev, stage design and costumes Nikola Toromanov, NATFIZ Theater, National Academy for Theater and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov" - Sofia 2019

  • "Blood and Power" by William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and John Webster, director R. Obreshkova, stage design and costumes Diana Toteva and Radosveta Hubova, Theatrical Performance, Co-authors: A. Mandjoukov, Tsvetan Apostolov, National Academy of Theater, National Theater Academy and film art "Krastyo Sarafov" – Sofia

  • Day of the Dead: Bloodline  (Acting Coach of Movement), Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens, Script:  Mark TonderaiLars JacobsonNu Boyana Film Studios, 2018