Autobiography of creative activity

Director, Actor, Scenographer
Pedagogue in Physical and Movevent Theatre, Drama, Pantomime, Masks, Synthetic and Puppet Theater, Theatre ot the Object and Material
Creator and Head of VIA (Virtual Interactive Academy) Theatre – Sofia
Creator and Head of The UNSEEN Theatre – Sofia
Basic of stage movement, Movement on the stage, Stage Improvising, Mask’s Theatre, Theatre of a Clown, Movement Anthropology, Stage combat and Rhythmics for Stage Acting, 
at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastio Sarafov” - Sofia since 1996.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Actors and the Union of Bulgarian Artists 

1. Personal details

1. Education: 
•    PhD (Doctor of Arts) with thesis “Interactive Improvisation and Puppet Theatre of The Future”
•    Master of arts in Stage Directing and acting – NATFA, Sofia
2. Academic rank and degree 
Chief Assistant in Improvisation, Basic of stage movement, Movement on the stage, Stage Improvisation, Mask’s Theatre, Theatre of a Clown, Movement Anthropology, Stage combat and Rhythmics for Stage Acting, Krastio Sarafov NATFA, Sofia– since 1996.


2.Creative activity


«Penitence» - a play conceived and staged by Velimir Velev, «N. Binev» Youth’s Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria (2011), 
«Penitence» pokaqnie
•    «The Shadow of my Soul» - by V. Velev, theater of shadows – the first-in-the-world play of shadows performed by blind actors, UNSEEN Theater – Sofia, «Vidra» Theater - Zagreb, Croatia, Promenada Theater – Karlovac, Croatia, «N. Binev» Youth Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria (2010)
•    "Colours of Darkness" – by V. Velev, interactive play set in darkness and involving the senses  which “Nikolai Binev” Youth Theater used to mark the 200-th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille (2009)
•    „Thirst” – a play conceived and staged by Velimir Velev, Youth Theater (2008)
Reviews and collaborations:
o     Nomination for IKAR Sofia Theater Festival 2008
o    «Tirst»
o by the Director of State Puppet Theater - Varna, Vera Stoikova from 24.10.2008)
o    Stefan Danailov opened the new stage of the Ministry of Culture,
Theater hall at the Ministry of Culture, 13.04.2009,

•    “The Nobleman and Nodet”, French medieval farce, diploma play class ACT – extramural studies (under Prof. D. Ruskova as artistic supervisor), (Academic Puppet Theater, NATFA, 2003);
•    "The Jumping Princess" after Dvorski, by V. Velev and A. Slavova, directed in a team with B. Georgieva; puppet play; 
o    Two acting awards and a best scenography award by PIF 2000, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia (Academic Puppet Theater - APT, NATFA, 2000). 
•    "Just like this", a play of puppet-acted fairy-tales, in a team with Encho Danailov and Boriana Georgieva (APT, NATFA, 1999);
•    "More like this", a play of puppet-acted fairy-tales, in a team with Encho Danailov and Boriana Georgieva (APT, NATFA, 1999);
•    "A Maid and a Dragon" after a Bulgarian popular fairy-tale, puppet-acted play (Liberal Stage, 1996)
•    "Cry", author’s play after folklore motives; script, directing, scenography and costumes: V. Velev (Academic Drama Theater, NATFA, 1993); 
•    „The three brothers and the dragon” after Iordan Radichkov, (Liberal Stage, 1990);
•    "Police Fairy-tale" after K. Čapek, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1989);
•    Mr. Puntila and his Man Matti, B. Brecht, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1988)
•    „Verbliud”, after Iordan Radichkov, puppet play (Liberal Stage, 1988)

In the theater
•    Odyssey in “Travels Odyssey, directed by T. Moskov, Theater of Bulgarian Army 
•    Joseph K in "The Lawsuit" after Fr. Kafka, adaptation and directing by I. Ognianova 
•    The White Clown in "Fantastic Tales" after E.T.A. Hoffmann, directed by St. Moskov 
•    Jesus Christ in "Biblical Story", script and directing by A. Taneva, Sirius Theater 
•    Naked King in "The Naked King" by E. Schwartz, director D. Stoianov
•    Maugli in "Maugli" after R. Kipling, director A. Hong, pantomime play
•    The prince in "Cinderella", director B. Lungov; puppet play
•    More: The Thief in "Who Whom" by L. Capon; director F. Hadjinikolova, Mr. Puntila in Mr. Puntila and his servant Mathy” Bertold Breht, Supermen in “The Upside Down world” dir. K.Petrova ets.
o    Review in 
In the cinema
•    Julius-Clerk, in Conan the Barbarian - Thomas Dean Donnelly, Joshua Oppenheimer, Sean Hood, director Marcus Nyspel
•    Marked Assassin, in The Tounament, Scott Mann, Keith Bell, David Higginson), director Scott Mann, producers: Kate Bell, David Higginson, UK, 2008, , BUZZ Films,  
•    Clocky в War Inc, director Joshua Seftel, New Image, USA, 2006
•    Ice, bar owner in Contractor, director Joseph Rusnak, Jean-Claude Van Damme, New Image, USA, 2005
•    Jackibot in The man with the screaming brain-- producer Bob Perkis, director Bruce Campbell, SEVEN HILLS, USA (2004)
•    The Greek Revolutioner in The Last Emperor on the Balkans, France (2004)
•    L’je Anvar in Turkish gambit – producer Nikita Mihalkov, director Djanik Faiziev, Russia (2003)
•    Jamal – suicidal bomber in Chechnya – Pasquino Group, director Leonardo Giuliano, Italy (2002)
•    Alien in Alien Hunter – producer David Varrot, dir. Ron Grey, New Image, USA (2002);
•    SK Man (Zondercomando) in Gray Zone – producer David Varrot, director Tim Nelson, New Image, USA (2001);
•    The spider in Spiders – producer David Varrot, Tibor Takachi, New Image, USA (2000);
•    Vendor Van in Red Dragon – producer David Varrot, director John Ire, Arnold Schwarzenegger, New Image, USA (1998);
•    Omar the gypsy in Plyontek – producer Boiana Film, dir. Borislav Sharaliev, Bulgaria (1991);
•    Also in Year of the Pig, dir. Sergio Pacelli , Italy, Vercengetorix, France etc.

Choreography and directing of motion

•    Black Hollow, Stefanovsi, dir. Prof. Iv.Dobchev, Academic Drama Theater – NATFA Krastio Sarafov - Sofia, 2012
•    As you like it, W. Shakespeare, dir. Prof. St.Danailov, Academic Drama Theater – NATFA Krastio Sarafov - Sofia, 2012
•    Tiramisu, Ioana Ovshanko, dir. R. Obreshkova, Academic Drama Theater – NATFA Krastio Sarafov - Sofia, 2011
•    Hamlet – The Murder of Gonzago – parody „No-Kabuki“ theater, scene from Hamlet, W. Shakespeare, produced by Prof. Kr. Spasov, Academic Drama Theater – NATFA Krastio Sarafov - Sofia, 2010,

•    „Wallpapers of time”, after K. Pavlov, author of script and director Iulia Ognianova, Theater of Satire, Sofia, 2009
•    Odyssey, St. Moskov, directed by St. Moskov, Stadstheater, Darmstadt, Germany, 2008
•    Servant of two masters, Goldoni, directed by N. Claflin, Comedia Theater, Zagreb 2006
•    Wizzard of Oz, directed by Zlatko Sviben, Osijek Summer of Culture, Osijek, 2007
•    Rosencrantz and Giuldenstern are dead, Tom Stoppard, directed by Zlatko Sviben, Osijek Summer of Culture, Osijek, 2007, 
•    To be Jamie Foster, Beth Henley, directed by At. Atanasov, 2007

Scenographies, puppets, costumes
•    „Penitence“ – space-and-stage-related setting through the use of stuff (2011)
•    „The shadow of my soul“ space-related setting, shadows, visual impressions (2010) 
•    „Colours of darkness“ – space-and-stage-related setting, shadows, visual impressions (2009)
•    “Thirst“ – a space-and-stage-related idea for the setting of a theater performance involving use of matter (2008)
•    "Menaechmi" by Plautus; directed by Pl. Kiorlenski; scenography, puppets and masks V. Velev (Drama Theater – Haskovo and APT – NATFA Kr. Sarafov, 1996);
•    Design and making of the Butterfly (a gigantic mechanical butterfly) for "The dram of the butterfly" director B. Radev; short film (1996);
•    “Brain”, political puppet show, Bulgarian National Television, author of the puppets (1993).
•    "Cry", folklore show; script, directing, scenography and costumes: V. Velev (Academic Drama Theater, NATFA, 1993);
•    "Tales from the suitcase" by V. Kiosev; director Fani Hadjinikolova, scenography, puppets, costumes and masks V. Velev (Puppet Theater – Targovishte, 1992);
•    "Who whom" by L. Capon; director F. Hadjinikolova; scenography, puppets, costumes and masks V. Velev (Puppet Theater – Pazardjik, 1992);
•    "Amphitryon" by Plautus; director Pl. Kiorlenski; scenography, puppets, costumes and masks V. Velev (Theater of Drama – Haskovo, 1991);
•    "The three ducklings" after St. Tsanev; director Pl. Korlenski; scenography, puppets and masks V. Velev (Puppet Theater – Blagoevgrad, 1990);
•    "Theater Duet" after "The suicide" by Erdman and “Bath” by Maiakovski; stage version and directing by I. Ognianova, co-production of Apolonia Art Academy and Rhodopi Theater of Drama, scenography in a team with N. Kirov (1989);
•    "The three brothers and the golden apple" by I. Radichkov; director K. Petrova (Academic Puppet Theater - NATFA Kr. Sarafov, 1988);
•    "Razzle-dazzle" by Iordan Radichkov; directed by Iulia Ognianova; puppet design in a team with R. Rachev (Drama Theater – Burgas, 1987);
•    etc.

Installations, video-art
•    "24 hours of the 24th of May” three-dimensional installation in the shape of a pyramid 65 m high made of ropes, veils and balloons situated above Ariana lake, Eagles Bridge, Sofia, in a team with R. Tomasian, M. Mikosh, Ivo Todorov (1996);
•    Three-dimensional installation and design for the occasion of the 50-th anniversary of Union of Bulgarian Artists involving the façade of the UBA’s building – 6 Shipka Street and the adjoining space of the street and park, in a team with R. Tomasian (1996); 
•    "The temple", video-installation during the "VideoHeart" annual exhibition, Soros Art Center, National Museum of Archeology (1997);
•    International video workshop "Crossing Over 1: SSS–Synthetic, Street Show" performance (1997); 
•    International video workshop "Crossing Over 2: Let It Be–Remix;" video-art film  in a team with Ilia Bekirov (1998);
•    Work on multimedia projects in the Technical University - Sofia (1996-98)
•    etc.
•    Host of “Vertigo”, a broadcast for licensed music – MucisNet Television (1996–97)
•    Host of "For you, consumers" broadcast, BNT (1998–99);
•    "Brain", political puppet show, BNT, concept, scripts; making the puppets (in a team with A. Manov) and participation as an actor (1992–93); 


Participation in festivals
PIF 2000, National Puppet Festival „Mihail Lakatnik”, Iambol 2006, PIF 2006, „Two are too few, three are too many” Plovdiv 2007, PIF 2007, „Golden Dolphin” Varna 2008, International Drama Festival Pazardjik 2008, „Chudomir’s celebratons” Kazanlak 2009


3. Teaching activity 

- Teaching at institutions of higher education 

       1. Bulgaria, SOFIA, National Academy for Theater and Film-making Art “Krastio Sarafov” Sofia 
-Lecturer on: Improvisation, Movement on the Stage and Rhythmics

2. Hrvatska, OSIJEK, Umjetnicka Akademija u Osijeku (Sveuciliste J.J.Strossmayera u Osijeku), Odsjek za kazalisnu umjetnost, Gluma I Lutkarstva
(Osijek, Croatia, Academy of Arts, Department for Theater Art, Chair of Acting for Drama and Puppet Art) 

-  Lecturer (Vrhunski Umjetnik = rank of an Associate Professor)  in: 
- Acting for Puppet Theater (Puppet animation, Theater of shadows)
            - Movement on the Stage
- Stage-related genres
            - Stage combat
 Period: 2006 to 2008 

2. CETINJA, Montenegro - Fakultet dramskih umjetnosti Cetinje 
(Montenegro, Cetinja, Academy of Arts, Department of Drama), 
    - lecturer in
            - Movement on the stage
            - Stage combat
Period: 2007/2008 school year
3. College of Theater „L. Groys“ - Sofia from 2010
4. American College of Sofia
– Lecturer on „Drama – Synthesis” 
Period:  1995 to 1997 


4. Scientific and Artistic Activity 

- Publications
•    “The Eight Direction” – KuklArt, Vol.1 (2012)
•    «Text and Puppet» - report in theory, compilation of texts from the theoretical discussion of «Contemporary puppet art in Bulgaria», «Mihail Lakatnik» Natonal Puppet Festival, Iambol, 2005 
•    Discussion contribution to “Issues and perspectives of puppet art in Bulgaria”- a compilation of texts from a theoretical conference, Sofia, 27 May, 2004
•    Velev V., Digital Creativity: Advantages, Problems, Responsibilities. In: International Journal Information Theory and Applications, Vol.11 (2004), No.1, pp. 60-67.
•     “On the artistic issues of improvisation in the puppet theater”- Compilation of theoretical texts, NATFA, 2003

 - Scientific Studies;  Inter-subjectal research projects
•    Participation in the project of Knowledge Transfer for the Digitisation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Bulgaria, KT-DigiCult-Bg, 2004-2008
•    (Informal participation in other concomitant scientific projects of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) as scientific associate to the scientific unit Digitization of Cultural Heritage”, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAC, Sofia, 2005 – 2008)

•    Collaboration on the „TEMPUS” programme in Multimedia laboratory of Technical University, Sofia (1996-98) („Interactive interface on the threshold of 21 century)


- Reports on the the lecturing activity:
•    By Prof. Anastasia Savinova – Thirty-three years in one breath, Theater magazine, issue 3-4, 01.03.2002,
•    On the grounds of his pedagogic activity in 2006/2007, V. Velev was elected Vrhunski umjetnik* for 2007/2008 by Academy of Arts inOsijek, Croatia
*(vrhunski =Higher, supreme; umjetnik = author, creative artist)
•    Letters of grateful acknowledgement by Niko Pavlovic – Director of “Comedy” Theater, Zagreb, Croatia, 2007, for the professionalism of V. Velevin in relation to the workshop he conducted on «Smooth building-up of characters in Comedia DEL’ARTE” and his work on „Servant of two masters” by C. Goldoni, to:
- the Rector of NATFA, Prof Dr Stanislav Semerdjiev 
- the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria Prof. Stefan Danailov 
(07-jun-2007 12:09 from: Bulgarian Embassy Zagreb FAX No.:0038514823338)

- Letters of grateful acknowledgement from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Zagreb, Croatia, for raising the prestige of Bulgarian culture and Bulgarian School of Theater Pedagogy by V. Velev, lecturer at and pupil of NATFA “Krastio Sarafov” – Sofia, to: 
- the Rector of NATFA, Prof Dr Stanislav Semerdjiev 
- the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria Prof. Stefan Danailov 
(№ 55 – 198 – 17/ 07.06.07 – Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Zagreb)

- Participation in theoretical conferences and seminars
•    Theoretical conference of "Issues of Contemporary Society" – faculty of law, Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” – Kiten 17-22.09.2006: 
- Theoretical report and demonstration in practice – „Interactive communication in contemporary society” – 
Objective: Forming of an aesthetical and moral basis of interactivity! 
Sub-subjects: Interactivity as an opposition to the passive consumerism:
 -  fostering the creative human spirit. Activation of creativity and creative frame of mind, imagination, active personal position and attitude to life and society, 
- irreconcilability with problems and the need of change – shifting the point of view –human spirit of playfulness, 
•    Informal participation in – „New methods in extramural education”- Second National Conference on Higher education employing electronic means, 14-16.09.2006  - NCDE (National Centre of Distance Education - Bulgaria) and Inter Space Media Art Centre
•    Participation in the international scientific symposium of Digitisation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, Bansko, 10-12.09.2004
•    Discussion and participation to Second International Conference on INFORMATION RESEARCHES, APPLICATIONS, AND EDUCATION, Varna, Bulgaria, June 2004
•    “Issues and perspectives of puppet art in Bulgaria”- theory conference – 27 May, 2004
- Discussion participation in “ Issues and perspectives of puppet art in Bulgaria”- compilation of texts from the theoretical conference, Sofia, 27 May, 2004
•    Theoretical discussion: «Contemporary puppet art in Bulgaria», National puppet festival under the name of «Mihail Lakatnik», city of Iambol, 2005.
- «Text and Puppet» - theoretical report, compilation of texts from the theoretical discussion, «Mihail Lakatnik», Iambol, 2005 

3. Professional felf-perfection: 
-  Qualification courses and workshops completed
•    Nay Gun, Chi gun, Dao-in,    Wang Baodjun, China (1979-1983)
•    Combat Chi-gun – Young Djunpin, China (1983);
•    Spontaneous Chi-gun: Consciousness-Energy-Motion-Techniques of transformation-Young Djunpin, China (1983);
•    Chi gun, Nay gun – Wang Min, China (1986);
•    Feldenkrais workshop (1988);
•    Chi gun and interior improvement – Van Tsientsiun (1992–1995);
•    Grotovski method, pedagogue and director James Slovjak (pupil of Grotovski), New Grotovski Theatre, Chicago, USA (1995)
•    Buto, Kabuki Theater, Yayoi Hirano, Japan (1996);
•    „The Path of the Warrior” (Lacota’s Indian Warrior dances & Aikido martial art)– dance workshop – Henry Smith, USA (1996);
•    Medical rebirthing – archetype and improvisation,  Dr Giovanni Ragazzi (1998);
•    Tibetan rebirthing – Traiati Impsal (1998);
•    Insight seminars (Santa Monica, Calfornia, USA), Terry Tillman (1997), Mathew Moledge (1999), Том Дайър (2001);
•    Tantra Kriya Yoga – І, ІІ,ІІІ,ІV – Traiati Impsal (1996–1998);
•    Contact Improvisation – Russell Maliphant , Great Britain, one-day workshop, Sofia (1997);
•    Latihan (interior guidance) and movement – Greg Ehmka, САЩ (1998);
•    Tao-transformation of interior energy into creative one – principles and practice of sexual Gun Fu – Dan Shen, Italy (1999);
•    Ba Gua – relation between physical movement and energy – Dan Shen, Italy (1999);
•    Latihan and body han – Greg Ehmka, USA (2000);
•    Techniques of dance- and contact improvisation – Robert Tanion (DV8), Great Britain (2001, 2002).
•    Manifestation of internal energy in physical movement in Tai Chi Chuan – Wang Baojun, China (1993)
•    Assimilation of the hidden movement of non-living matter through Tai Chi Chian – Wang Baojun, China (2004)